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Green Schools

Green-Schools is an environmental initiative for primary and secondary schools in Ireland


Ballycullane N.S. was awarded our 1st Green Flag in May 2011 with Mrs. Trish Foran as the co-ordinator. The theme for the 1st Green Flag was Litter and Waste. Adrian Flynn came to the school to help us raise our first flag.

Second Green School Flag Award

We were then awarded our 2nd Green Flag with Mrs. Waters as the co-ordinator.

The theme for the 2nd green flag was Energy while also maintaining the Litter and Waste theme.

The flag was raised on Monday 17th of June 2013. Catherine O’ Neill, paralympic medal winner did us the honour of attending the flag-raising.

Third Green School Flag Award

We were awarded our 3rd Green Flag for Water in May 2015 with Ms. Walsh as co-ordinator.

Then on the 18th of June, we had our flag raising ceremony with Tadhg Furlong coming down from Dublin to help us.

Flag Collection

Dara Egan, Julia Orchowska and Jack Rossiter went to the ceremony on the 21st of May to collect our flag.

We are now working towards gaining our 4th Green flag for the Travel theme. We will still maintain our litter and waste, energy and water themes, conserving energy and water while keeping our environment litter and waste free. We now have Mrs Furlong as co-ordinator and some new people on our Green Schools Committee along with some ‘old’ faces!

Last November 2015, Noleen Doyle visited Ballycullane N.S. to talk to us about our Travel theme. She is the Green Schools Travel Education Officer. We completed a survey with her about how we travel to school each day. The results can be found by clicking the PDF link below:

Ballycullane NS Baseline Survey Results

In January, Noleen returned and the Green Schools Committee carried out a Walkability Audit. This was to see how walkable our footpaths are in the village. Please look at the results below by clicking on the link.

Ballycullane NS Walkability Audit

Noeleen returned to see us again in the summer term in June to carry out a cyclability audit with our Green School’s committee. They did this to:
1. To identify positive aspects of a popular cycling route to the school.
2. To identify any negative aspects of a popular cycling route to the school.
3. Inform the school community about pupils cycling to school.

Click on the link to check out the audit – ballycullane-ns-cyclabilty-audit

Fourth Green School Flag Award!

We collected our 4th Green Flag in Kilkenny on 24th May 2017!

The Green-Schools Committee.


Green Schools Projects

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