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Download a copy of the School Rules here


At Ballycullane N.S. I will endeavor:

To respect myself.

To always show good manners – be polite – avoid rude gestures, bad language, dirty talk – keep myself safe – never leave the school grounds – be honest – own up when I misbehave – control my temper – do my best – be careful on the road outside school.

To respect my teachers.

To speak politely to them – obey all the teachers in the school – do my best in class – do my homework well – have the necessary equipment in school – make it as easy as possible for the teacher to teach – put my hand to answer questions – pay attention and listen in class – behave well on trips outside school – mobile phones are not to be brought to school.

To respect other pupils.

To not cause another pupil to be unhappy – avoid snobbery – allow others to learn by not causing distractions – try to get on will with others especially those who are different or difficult to on with – avoid bullying, name-calling, teasing, spitting, unkindness  – don’t leave others out – care for smaller or weaker children and keep them safe at break times – avoid rough play – don’t endanger another pupil by pushing or shoving – don’t run around corners – be careful near doors – no running inside school building – don’t take or damage anything belonging to another – don’t cycle on school grounds.

To respect others.

To be mannerly towards visitors in class – be polite and mannerly towards parents and other visitors to school – be polite and friendly to people passing by the school.

To keep the school clean and tidy.

To put litter in the bin – avoid chewing gum – use toilets properly – bring a change of footwear to use inside the school building – keep my desk tidy – keep my books and copies covered and in good condition – respect school property.

To wear the uniform every day unless permission is given otherwise (e.g. P.E. days)

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